Cooling Tower Water Treatment

WCTI Technology

President’s Message

"Our goal is to save business and government money with innovative, cost-saving ideas. The technology from WCTI not only saves a lot of money, it saves billions of gallons of water every year. WCTI’s patented technology pays the user to be a good steward of America’s water supplies. The WCTI technology eliminates over 95% of the water wasted in “blow-down” that is required by traditional chemical treatment of cooling tower water. Machines cannot “drink” the tap water designed for humans.   It must be modified to eliminate scale, corrosion and bio-fouling.  The WCTI technology creates near-perfect water for cooling towers that lowers maintenance costs and saves on energy as well. As the Georgia based agent for this exciting  technology, I take the task of saving government and business both precious water and money very seriously."

Cooling Tower Water Treatment

Cooling tower water must be treated to avoid scale, corrosion and bio-fouling. WCTI discovered a more natural way to do this in 2000 and patented the process in 2004. It is clearly superior to other methods of cooling water treatment as it saves more water and money than any other way of treatment. By eliminating the “blowdown” that is required to keep the chemical process working, WCTI also eliminates the constant discharge of chemicals into the environment.

WCTI works easily for existing towers or for new construction and the ROI is fast. WCTI works with well water and gray water and offers LEED points. WCTI is proven technology and has been adopted by companies like Apple, Boeing, Microsoft, Yahoo and Verizon.

The founder of WCTI discovered that if you remove all of the hardness in a high efficiency softener under the right conditions that Mother Nature will give you corrosion control and bio-fouling control for free. A brief discussion of the process is as follows:

WCTI Methodology for Cooling Tower Water Treatment

  1. Use of a High Efficiency Softener (HES) uses sodium (Na) zeolite resin to eliminate the hardness in the cooling tower supply water
  2. Resin absorbs Ca and Mg and exchanges with Na for a one-to-one exchange
  3. NATURALLY occurring pH climbs to >9.3 < 10.0 and along with the high TDS(total dissolved solids) prevents biological GROWTH
  4. Silica is NATURALLY polymerized with the increased PH and high TDS IN THE ABSENTS OF HARDNESS
  5. The resulting NaSiO2, sodium silicate, is considered an excellent corrosion inhibitor and is NATURALLY formed under WCTI conditions.
  6. Results: NO corrosion, NO scale and NO biological growth – eliminates the need for chemical additives

The WCTI units are sold in dual alternating pairs(see picture below). While one unit is running, the other is either on standby or is regenerating the resin. We measure water pressure, water flow-rate and discharge conductivity. This information is remotely available through the RPA units and allows us to make sure the WCTI units are getting good regenerations. Brine tanks are provided.

A 1000 ton chiller, running at a 40% load factor, will waste about 525,000 gallons of water each year in “blowdown”. At City of Atlanta rates, $28 per thousand gallons in water and sewer cost, WCTI saves about $14,700 for each 1000 tons of chiller. A 25 gpm well will save $90,000 in water cost each year.

After an initial presentation, most folks will want to have a follow up Q&A conference call. This is usually followed up by conference calls with current WCTI clients and finally a plant trip. Whatever your process, we are here to facilitate it.